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Raimond Kempees is an independent CMS consultant and has for the past 10 years been involved in many fast-paced web projects all over the world, specializing among others in the SDL Tridion platform and building integrations on just about any development platform known to man.

ViewModel functionality in DD4T 2.0 for Java

As Quirijn already announced eloquently in his post on ViewModels in DD4T 2.0, the idea of making it easier to build a Tridion driven website for developers by introducing the ability to use simple model classes in your MVC application serving Tridion data, is one of the biggest improvements in the DD4T framework. With the public coming-out-of-beta release of DD4T 2.0 for Java, ViewModel functionality has also been fully integrated in the Java version of the framework. This series of posts focus on how ViewModels work in DD4T 2.0 for Java.

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Introducing DD4T version 2.0 for Java

Over the past months a number of people have been working hard to beef up the current implementation of DD4T for Java, as was announced during the SDL Tridion User Group Benelux Meeting at Trivident last October.

As the work is now in its finishing stage, the time is right to reveal the changes that have been made to make working with DD4T for Java a better experience and to mature the framework to a level where it truly becomes a full framework in support of the Tridion Content Delivery Stack, as well as in terms of following standard Java practices.

The expected release date of version 2.0 is January 30th, 2015. Read on to see the long list of changes.

[Update: The release date of version 2.0 is rescheduled to March 2nd, 2015]
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