Monthly Archives: February 2015

Event system deploy script

Developing event system modules is all in a day’s work for a Tridion professional. Deploying your modules is simple enough, but can get quite tedious. You need to shut down services, stop IIS, copy some DLLs to the Tridion bin folder, install other DLLs in the GAC, start IIS, restart services…

Today I got fed up so I wrote a windows batch script that automates all that. It isn’t earth-shattering, just a little thing that might help save you a few minutes of your precious time.

It works ONLY with Tridion 2013 by the way. On 2011 and before, you need to shutdown the COM+ as well, and that is not so easy to do.

Here is how to build a package for your event system, and deploy it with the script.

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