10 Years of Tridion

Exactly 10 years ago tomorrow I joined an Amsterdam-based company which had just released version 5.1 of their flagship product, a web content management system called Tridion, which was also the company name.

After attending the Discovery Training on my first day, followed by some more trainings, I spent my first months mainly upgrading Tridion databases from customers from the previous version of Tridion (Tridion DialogServer or R4) to the latest version. The tools I was using most in those days were Tridion Database Manager and the infamous Binary Split Tool, a piece of software developed to handle Multimedia Components, which were only introduced with version 5 of Tridion [Can you imagine a life without Multimedia Components, Tridionauts?].

Certificate Tridion Discovery Training

After leaving the company in 2007, then already acquired by SDL, I kept doing Tridion consulting work. This brought me to 5 (!) continents and I was able to experience some of the greatest cities, from New York City to Dubai, and from Cape Town to Tokyo. Even more importantly, I had the privilege to meet and work with great people, around the globe.

Joining Tridion eventually also led to co-founding Trivident, a company of which I was dreaming about when I was still a youngster. At Trivident we are offering a full range of Tridion consultancy and development services, so I still have Tridion on my mind every day.

Ten years. A decade is a long time and it’s been an incredible ride. I honestly don’t have a clue what I would have been doing right now if I didn’t walk into the Tridion office in November 2004. May the next 10 years be even better for all of us!

About Ron Grisnich

Ron Grisnich is Tridion specialist and co-founder of Trivident, an Amsterdam based IT consulting company providing SDL Tridion consultancy and development services.