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Making the Tridion content service less chatty

It can be very useful to set the log level of Tridion’s content service to Debug every once in a while. I admit I always do that on my own development environments – you never know when you will need it. Of course, I would not recommend it for production environments but that’s another story.

One thing is really annoying though: every 10 seconds, the content service makes a call to the discovery service (for whatever reason, perhaps to check the validadity of the tokens or something). And this leads to so much logging that you always have to wade through endless lines of useless logging before you get to the interesting bits.

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DD4T.Model 2.6 released

Today, version 2.6 of DD4T.Model was released. It contains bug fixes and security patches. Most important changes:

  • Fixed a bug with the serialization of keywords, reported on Stackexchange (
  • Upgraded Newtonsoft.JSON to 13.0.1 (with improved security)

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Detecting duplicate pages in the broker database

It should never happen, but somehow it occasionally does: duplicate records in your broker database. For example: if you have a deployer for staging and another one for live, but you accidentally point them to the same broker database. When this happens, you might end up with 2 (or more) pages in the broker, with the same publication ID and the same URL.

Do you want to know if this is the case for you? Read on.

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Copying content from MS Office to Tridion

It is a common practice of almost everybody who works with Tridion: copying text from Word or Excel into a rich text field in Tridion. Unfortunately, when you do this you end up copying much more than just the text. Styling characteristics also find their way into the rich text field, in the form a style attributes, class attributes, comments, unnecessary spans, and even complete sets of CSS classes. And when a component with such a rich text field is published, all this styling finds its way to your site, where it is very likely to clash with your carefully designed pages.

Of course, you can circumnavigate this issue by copying first to a text editor like Notepad, copy it again and then pasting it into Tridion. But there is a more elegant solution for this problem. It requires just a tiny bit of work.

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