Accelerating the development of websites with Dyndle

At Tridion Developer Summit last month in Amsterdam, we announced that the development of DD4T will be picked up again. We – the community – felt that the market still needed a clean, solid and extensible framework to develop websites powered by SDL Tridion Sites.

At the same event I announced that Trivident will launch a new initiative in 2020 called Dyndle. Short for ‘dynamic delivery’, Dyndle is a framework on top of DD4T. Where DD4T gives you the foundation, Dyndle gives you all but a complete site.

Dyndle is a development kit you can use to get your web sites up and running faster. It comes with many useful features out of the box, but it doesn’t restrict you in any way – you can easily customize every part of it. In the end, you still own the web application. You decide what happens.

In this article I will try to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Dyndle.

Let’s start with the one question that’s on everyone’s mind: what does it cost?
We have good news for all of you: Dyndle is completely free. No strings attached!

What are the features?
We are still finalizing the feature list, but you can definitely expect the following:

  • Powerful development tools like the model generator and the view generator
  • Your MVC app is ready to go thanks to the out of the box controllers and model binders
  • New ways to deal with regions, including Tridion 9 regions
  • Support for extensionless URLs
  • WYSIWYG Preview in the CME
  • Manage redirects / friendly URLs in Tridion
  • Pretty error pages, manageable in Tridion
  • Labels and application settings allow you to manage your web site from Tridion
  • Publication resolving through Topology Manager
  • Serialized cache agent makes it possible to cache objects with dynamic or personalized properties
  • Include pages
  • Output caching and cache viewer
  • Pluggable features to reduce your development efforts even further, including search (Solr), image manipulation, navigation, forms, and many more

Who is behind all this?
Dyndle is an initiative by Trivident. We have been the driving force behind DD4T for a long time, and we felt we needed to take the next step. With Dyndle, we have bundled all our experience with building websites with DD4T and Tridion, to make it even easier, faster and cheaper for all of you.

Where can I find more information?
We are busy with the Dyndle website. When we’re done, you can find it on

When can I start using Dyndle?
We will release Dyndle in Q1 of 2020. For a more exact date, please check the web site.

This article was first published on LinkedIn on December 4, 2019.