An integrated digital experience: Breaking down marketing silos

A brand is only as strong as its operations, so when a creative piece needs to be uploaded to your company’s CMS (content management system), what is the usual process of obtaining the correct file? Is it always as straight-forward as it should be? It’s likely that the process includes reaching out to one of your creative colleagues, waiting for them to find it amongst their personal storage, then sending it through some form of communication.

It seems simple enough. However, what happens when your creative department creates a new version or when you have more requests than you can feasibly handle? How do you know if you have the most up-to-date asset being presented on all customer-facing outlets? With so much content being constantly created, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of where assets are supposed to go, while also keeping your company on brand. Digital asset management (DAM) provides the content organization every growing company needs in order to keep up with consumer demands. It unites marketing teams by providing a centralized source of truth and consistency across the company.

For creatives, a regular routine is searching for files in different storage locations. Attempting to find a specific file within an organization is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. At times, you may never find the asset and resort to recreating the piece entirely before sending it to your developer for publishing. By implementing a DAM solution like Bynder, finding assets will be instant thanks to metadata search options.

DAM gives the opportunity for easy communication amongst the marketing team because it is the centralized platform for all digital assets. A quality DAM system will allow for assets to be accessible for different usages. DAM appeals to the developer because it allows for an integrated digital experience between their CMS and an automated form of organization. Additionally, implementing a DAM removes the bottleneck of uploading assets into the CMS directly. After all, every download and re-upload is just another opportunity for an integrated digital experience across your marketing ecosystem.

This is why Bynder has teamed up with Trivident to solve the issue of siloed content by integrating SDL Tridion Sites with the best digital asset management platform.

Join Bynder and Trivident for a free webinar on April 25, 2019 to learn how to improve digital asset management while using SDL Tridion Sites to deliver highly localized digital experiences.