Developing custom deployer code in Tridion 9

A while ago I blogged about running your custom deployer logic in a Java IDE. That article was based on my experiences with SDL Web 8.5 (aka Tridion 8.5) and the *.bat file and pom.xml that were given in that article were based on this version.

Total, I’m here to tell you that the same thing is possible in Tridion 9.

You just need to use a different pom.xml, and a different install-maven.bat. This is needed because almost all the dependencies have changed between 8.5 and 9. Some dependencies are new, but most have been upgraded to higher versions.

Here are the new files you need to get your environment set up for Tridion 9:

For instructions on how to use them check /running-the-tridion-deployer-in-your-ide/.