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Page schemas and regions

The process of creating components in Tridion has always been very different from creating pages. When you create a component you are guided by a schema, which provides strict guidelines. However, when you want to create a page, you start off with a tabula rasa – essentially a blank sheet of paper.

This changes with the introduction of regions and page schemas. Here’s how. Continue reading

Upgrading SDL Tridion Sites 9 Databases

After playing around with installing SDL Tridion Sites 9 from scratch I wanted to know more about the database upgrade steps of this latest release when upgrading from an older version of Tridion.

SDL supports upgrading to SDL Tridion Sites 9 from one of the following versions directly:

  • SDL Web 8.5 (also known as SDL Tridion Sites 8.5)
  • SDL Web 8 with Cumulative Update 1
  • SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 HR1 (Hotfix Rollup 1)

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