Claim names and URIs

SDL’s documentation contains a list of so-called default claims. These are ambient claims (factoids about the site visitor) which are automatically set by the Ambient Data Framework, even if you don’t have any cartridges installed. You can find the list here:

If you need to use these claims, you need to know what the claim URIs are – and these are not the same as the names. The following table lists the default claims by name with the associated URI. This is for Tridion 2013 SP1, although it is probably true for other versions as well. The list is not quite complete but if you know the missing URIs, let me know and I’ll add it.

Claim name Claim uri
REQUEST_COOKIES taf:request:cookies
REQUEST_FULL_URL taf:request:full_url
REQUEST_HEADERS taf:request:headers
REQUEST_PARAMETERS taf:request:parameters
REQUEST_URI taf:request:uri
SERVER_VARIABLES taf:server:variables
SESSION_ATTRIBUTES  Not found (probably because I didn’t have sessions enabled in my site)
SESSION_ID taf:session:id
TRACKING_ID taf:tracking:id