DD4T 2.0 is released

Yesterday, the long-awaited version 2 of DD4T was released after a 3 month beta period. Compared to the beta version, the release contains some bug fixes as well as various small enhancements.

If you’re interested, check out the DD4T website.

  • It is now easier to customize rich text and link resolving
  • Property type for component links and keywords are automatically detected in a ViewModel
  • KeywordTitle and PageTitle attributes were added to map keyword / page titles to ViewModels
  • ComponentPresentations attribute was added to map all component presentations on a page to a property of the ViewModel
  • ResolvedUrl attribute  was added to map the resolved URL for the component to a property of the ViewModel
  • When using the ViewModelFactory, all active assemblies were examined to look for ViewModel classes. Now, only the entry assembly (e.g. the web application) is examined by default (added assemblies can be loaded using LoadViewModels).
Bug fixes
  • White space is no longer lost when parsing rich text (this used to happen in specific situations)
  • Correct content type is now set for the output package variable
  • ViewModels now support field names with upper case first letter