DD4T supports SDL Tridion Sites 9

The latest version of Tridion (SDL Tridion Sites 9) is now fully supported by DD4T for Microsoft.NET. Read here how easy it is to upgrade.

If you are already using an older version of SDL’s Content Interaction Library (aka CIL), upgrading couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is replace the Nuget reference to your current provider (DD4T.Providers.SDLWeb8.5.CIL or one of the others) by a reference to the new provider, DD4T.Providers.Tridion9.CIL.
Of course, as is normally the case with DD4T, it is unnecessary to republish anything. Just upgrade the package and redeploy your web application, that’s all.

Although this is a new package, we decided to keep the numbering more or less in sync with the other DD4T packages. That’s why the version is 2.3.2. The console command to install it, is:

Install-Package DD4T.Providers.Tridion9.CIL -Version 2.3.2

The in-process provider has not been upgraded yet. We felt this wasn’t urgent, because the in-process api role has been deprecated by SDL.  We expect that most customers will move to a microservices-based implementation when upgrading to Sites 9. However, if there’s enough demand for it, we might decide to release an in-process version later.