During Tridion Developer Summit 2017 in Amsterdam (11-12 May), Trivident’s Siawash Shibani delivered a lightning talk about G4TM: GUI for Topology Manager. G4TM is the first alternative UI for SDL Web’s Topology Manager.

Topology Manager comes OOTB with a PowerShell cmdlet interface, where you can manage your topology. The PowerShell cmdlet’s are great for automation, and when an environment is provisioned, but when it comes to small adjustments an interface where the topology could be adjusted was missing.


G4TM is a GUI for Topology Manager and released as open source project under Apache 2.0 License on GitHub. The solution exist of two parts: ASP.NET WebApi 2.0 solution which is used as a wrapper for the Core Service, and Single Page Application written in Typescript/Angular2, which connects directly to the Topology Manager endpoint.

The installation guide is available here


  1. Install G4TM (this can be on any machine which has access to the Tridion Content manager server.)
  2. Create a Topology Manager environment.   
  3. Give a name (e.g. development, test, production)
  4. Topology Manager url: (i.e. http://mytopologymanager:81/ttm201601 for Sdl Web 8.2 and http://mytopologymanager:81/ttm201501 for SDL Web 8.1.1)
  5. CoreService Url: (i.e. http://tridion/)
  6. Click on the created environment.
  7. You will be ask to provide a user/password, this should be a user which has access to topology manager.
  8. Start managing your Topology Manager environment.

If you find any bugs and/or issues please report them on GitHub.